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There are many reasons to have a maintenance program for your elevator(s).  Reliability, prompt service response and cleanliness are just to name a few, but what is most important of all is SAFETY.  Most people don’t think of elevators as a mode of transportation, such as a car, bus, plane etc., but millions of people ride on elevators everyday.  Most people don’t give much thought about elevator(s); they just step in and take a ride. The Tri-State Maintenance Assurance Program was created to address all of these important concerns.

Tri-State Elevator Company has been maintaining elevators for over 75 years.  We offer comprehensive customized maintenance plans under our Maintenance Assurance Program, which emphasizes reliability, swift service but most importantly proactive and preventative maintenance.

With our Maintenance Assurance Program:

                    Each elevator will be surveyed right from the start to determine the level of
                      maintenance required for optimal service and equipment longevity.

                    After this evaluation, a Tri-State Elevator Representative, will give you an honest,                      informative and clear strategy on how to move forward and discuss with you the best                      plan for your situation and needs.

                    After you have determined the right maintenance plan, we will assign a dedicated                      technician to your elevator(s), who will become familiar with the elevator's operation
                     and the building occupancy.

                   Some of the maintenance duties our technicians perform....

                    Supply & install lubricants
                    Examine & adjust as necessary operating & safety controls
                    Lubricate guide rails as required
                    Check all signs & lights, repair/replace as necessary
                    Cleaning of machine room to insure cleanliness
                    Compliance of all State, file, electrical & local codes
                    Check control panel & relays
                    Make any equipment recommendations for change, modifications or upgrades

                   Types of products we service....

                    Hydraulic Elevator – passenger/freight
                    Electric Elevator – passenger/freight
                    Wheelchair Lifts
                    Material Lifts
                    Home Elevators

Plus, we always provide 24 hour emergency call back service should you need it. 

Our clients have come to rely on the Tri-State Maintenance Assurance Program to assist them through the sometimes intricate and complicated process, but after you work with us, you will realize there is no other way to go.

To speak with a qualified Tri-State representative call: (914) 738-6444

Areas we serve:
All 5 Boroughs, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Fairfield, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties